Five Groom Styles

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When choosing a type of formal wear for the man you will marry on your wedding day there are quite a lot of options. So if the thought of trolling around the shops with your other half looking for the perfect outfit idea sends his eyes rolling to the back of his head then look no further.

Wedding grooms in the UK have a lot of options when it comes to choosing their outfit for the big day. Here we have put together a list of five different groom styles. They can go for a classic suit or tuxedo, a casual shirt and trousers, or something more unique and creative. Depending on the type, season, and venue of the wedding, grooms can express their personality and style through their attire.

One of the most popular styles for grooms in the UK is tweed12, which is a warm and durable fabric that comes in various colours and patterns. Tweed suits are ideal for winter weddings3 or rustic settings1, as they add some texture and character to the look. Tweed suits can be paired with matching or contrasting waistcoats1, shirts, ties, and shoes.

Another style that is timeless and elegant is navy32, which is a versatile colour that suits most skin tones and hair colours. Navy suits can be worn with white or light blue shirts, colourful or neutral ties, and brown or black shoes. Navy suits can also be mixed and matched with different trousers or jackets for some variety.

A third style that is classic and sophisticated is grey432, which is a neutral colour that works well with any wedding theme or season. Grey suits can range from light to dark shades, depending on the mood and preference of the groom. Grey suits can be accessorised with white or coloured shirts, ties, pocket squares, and shoes.

A fourth style that is formal and glamorous is tuxedo25, which is a black suit with satin lapels, buttons, and stripes on the trousers. Tuxedos are usually worn for evening weddings5 or black-tie events2, as they create a sharp and polished look. Tuxedos are worn with white shirts,5 black bow ties,5 and black shoes.5

A fifth style that is traditional13[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13] and regal1 is tails1 or morning dress,1 which consists of a long coat1 with tails at the back,1 a waistcoat,1 and striped trousers.1 Tails are usually worn for formal daytime weddings1 or royal occasions,1 as they create a distinguished1 and refined look.1 Tails are worn with white shirts,5 cravats,5 and black shoes

  1. Tweed. This style of formal wear is well suited to weddings found in country settings. Either a two-piece or a three-piece suit can be chosen. Whichever you decide, just be aware that in the summer a tweed can be mighty hot, so a light to heavy material would work well in the late autumn and winter months. This can be a great style to compliment a wedding full of laid back country charm.

2. Navy. A suit that seems to fit in in any wedding setting. From formal to a more relaxed feel it’s right at home with a contrasting waistcoat and tie. The material can have a subtle pattern or just be left plain. It can also be customised to most grooms’ personal style. A great all rounder for any time of year.

3. Grey. Now don’t write it off until you have tried it! Not normally a colour of suit that immediately springs to mind. This suit does, however, give the feel of a super relaxed gent, best suited for any of the summer months. Usually a lighter material which can be a relief in the hot weather. But not compromising on style for even the most chilled out groom for their special day.

4. Tuxedo. Making its mark in the wedding circles more and more for the even the most stylish of grooms. Paired with simple buttonholes to give just enough wedding flair. This compliments the most elegant of weddings with a great ‘wow’ factor to any of the images. With standout style for even the most minimalist of weddings, giving the guys a touch of hollywood to their attire for the big day. Now who wouldn’t want to look like 007?

5. Tails. As an outsider gaining nostalgic popularity the traditional tails are making a comeback. Remiscent of weddings years ago, it seems to be getting more and more love. With a nod to the more traditional of weddings these can be either black or navy jackets with the the familiar thin striped trousers. At home in most wedding settings the tails has found itself becoming an option to be considered.

With so many styles on the market to choose , don’t take my word for it. These are just a few of the many choices that are out there. From modern minimalist to country luxe there’s a style and a suit for every groom and his groomsmen – just you do you!