Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums - the best way to view your photos

Wedding Albums are the perfect keepsake. The very best way to enjoy and view your wedding photos is printed in an album. We exclusively use handmade albums from Italy by Graphi Studio. The quality of these albums is unmatched from their exquisite covers to their fine art Tintoretto paper.

Deluxe Feature Album - Size, Pages & Images

Included in our packages is the popular 30x20-sized album with an opened spread ( two pages together ) at 60 cm across. If you wish you have the opportunity to upgrade to the larger 35x25 album with a 70cm opened spread.

Our albums start at 30 pages but if you would like more images that is not a problem as you can add many more pages if you wish. A typical spread ( two pages together ) has around 4-6 images so a 30-page album works well with 60-70 images - but you really can add many more if you wish and have extra pages ( up to 80 pages )

30 page Deluxe Feature Album ( 60-70 images )

  • 20x30 £600
  • 25 x 35 £700
  • Extra pages £15 each

🖤 30x20 Deluxe Feature Album included in Photography Packages 1 & 2 to upgrade to 25x35  size +£100

Display Box - Albums framed like a print

A unique upgrade for your Deluxe Feature Album is the luxury display box. This stunning addition will turn your album into a work of art you can display like a photo in a frame.

The display box frames your album with a discreet clear panel fixed with magnets that protects your album while showing it off to be enjoyed all year round.

Upgrade to a Display Box £100

The Matted Album

The matted album is a beautiful traditional-style album with a modern twist. With this album your wedding photos are framed within a fine-art mount, similar to a mount in a photo frame.

Traditionally with these albums, you only got one picture per page. With these new mordern matted albums we can design pages with multiple images per page - each image having its own aperture besoke cut.

30 page 25x35 Deluxe Matted Album £950

Album covers

When it comes to covers there are simply to many to list. Simply if you can imagine it we can most likely do it!

Pictured here is our matted album with a beautiful pale blue Italian Nappa leather cover.

Our Album supplier offers an unimaginable range of options so if there is something specific you have set your heart on I am sure we can create something special for you!

Coffee Table Album

Our Coffee Table albums are very popular, as this is the only album that lets you have all your wedding photos in the same album.

Hardback albums can have an image on both the front and back with some text including names and date of your wedding.

Perfect for taking to work and sharing your wedding photos with your collegues. Parents also really love these albums, mums often like to have all the photos to enjoy!

Coffee Table Album £200

All your photos in one album

With magazine-like pages, Coffee Table albums typically have 80-90 pages allowing us to fit all your wedding images in the same album.

These albums are simple to order as they can contain 'all' your wedding images - Alternatively, you may wish to select your favourites only. If you choose around 200-300 pictures this will allow us to feature your images larger in size. Please keep in mind the fewer images you select the bigger they will appear in your album. Nevertheless, if you would all the wedding images printed we can do this as well.

Selecting images from the gallery

Choosing images from your online gallery could not be easier! In your gallery you will notice a little heart symbol in the bottom left corner of each image - press once to select an image - press a second time to de-select an image.

Once you have made your selection please pop a email over to hello@bushfirephotography.co.uk to let us know you have completed your selection.

As soon as I have this email I can download your list of chosen images and start designing your album. Once your album has been designed I will upload the 1st draft over to your gallery for you to view.

Album design consultation

After you have viewed your album in your own gallery we will then schedule in a time for a zoom call to go over together your album design.

During this zoom call, I can share my screen so you can see our album design software. If there are any tweaks or additions to your album design we can do them all during this consultation.

As soon as the album design is complete we can finalise any other details that are important to you. Following this, we will order your album and have it sent to you.

Parent Albums

Our beautiful parent albums are presented in their own beautiful presentation box. The album can have 30-50 fine art pages, all individually designed with your favorite images.

The albums come sized as a perfect 20x20, the best way to enjoy your favorite wedding photographs forever. They start with 30 pages and go go up to 40 pages ( 80-90 images )

30 page Deluxe Parent Album ( 60-70 images )

  • 20x20 £350
  • Extra pages £10  each

Check out our detailed page on our parent albums - just click the button below

Album Info

Album Video

Below is a video describing the different albums we offer. To jump to the relevant information please use the 'chapters menu' to choose the information you need.

Album Prices

Please note Photography Packages 1 & 2 include Deluxe Feature Albums

Full wedding pricing click here

  • Coffee Table Album - £200
  • Boxed Parent Album 20 pages 20x20 - £350
  • Deluxe Feature Album 30 page  30x20 - £600
  • Extra Feature Album pages +£25 each
  • Upgrade to Album Display Box +£100
  • Upgrade to larger Feature Album 35x25 +£100
  • Deluxe Matted Album 30 page 35x25 -  £950
  • Upgrade to a Matted Album +£350 ( from feature album