bridge and groom at Kenton Hall

Kenton Hall Festival Wedding for Matt and Sophie

Kenton Hall W E D F E S T ! This was a wedding which hit awesome epicness ( which means alot of effort went into it which paid off tenfold! ) Kenton Hall Estate was the perfect venue for this festival themed wedding for Matt and Sophie. The bride and groom where big into their music and festivals, and attending many festivals throughout their relationship brewed a idea for a epic festival themed wedding. Kenton Hall with its yurts and shepard lodge accomodation already had a festival vibe, combined with Matts graphic design background Kenton Hall was transformed into Wedfest for the day.

Its difficult to know where to start to describe the wedding, hopefully the pictures will tell a better story than I can write. The ceremony was held in the a beautiful woodland setting at Kenton Hall, which is unique to this wedding venue. The path to the ceremony was lined with hundreds and hundreds of handmade paper flowers of all different sizes. Also personilized mirrors and bunting led the wedding guests to their wooden bench seats. With fizzy served on arrival the guests where in a relaxed and festive mood having already recieved their wedfest wristbands and guides from the ushers.

After the ceremony Matt and Sophie led their guests out of woodland to the festival hub with its marquee, bunting, festival flags and the wedfest letters. We have enjoyed the best summer in years and the sun was out and the food and drink where flowing. With live music the festival vibe was fully in place. After the drinks and canape reception group shots where wrapped up and the reception could commence. During the meal the all important England vs Sweden was played but Matt and Sophie did not leave there guests guessing the result having provided a screen to watch the match on after the meal which further enhanced the festival credentials of this wedding.

As rthe sun stated to set we wher able to capture some beautiful wedding portraits of our bride and groom. The grounds of Kenton Hall was the perfect location for these photographs. Shortly after the band was ready and so was our couple who led their guests off with their first dance. We hope you enjoy the pictures from this great wedding.
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