Seckford Hall

A Tudor mansion of grand proportions, Seckford Hall has now been transformed into a contemporary hotel and spa. The venue still retains its archaic features, making the location even more unique than it seems on first encounter. The leaves which cover the exterior building illustrate how groomed the building is, and inside, it does not encourage anything other than amazement in its visitors.

We have shot many weddings here, and it remains a pleasure to come back every time. A little while ago, Seckford Hall was gifted with new owners, meaning a new energy and an addition of features for the already-lovely site. New gardens have opened up for guests and some amazing modern touches inside make this a very desirable location indeed.

Our favourite part of this grand venue is the sweeping driveway and lake area, that always looks radiant in the photographs of our bride and grooms. A more practical perk of Seckford Hall is that it is a hotel- your guests need not stray from this lovely location for accommodation. With a spa for your use too, it really is perfect to finish off your wedding experience as well!

Seckford Hall website Click Here -Phone: 01394 385678

Seckford Hall Hotel
IP13 6NU