Amanda's Ark

Amandas Ark offer a bespoke Dog Chaperone Wedding Service and can chaperone your dog to your wedding, for inclusion in your wedding ceremony photographs & even as Dog Ring Bearer! So many of us would love to include our dogs on our wedding day, but with the focus on having a fabulous time and looking after family and friends, it may not always seem possible.

Amanda's Ark can ensure that all your family members are involved in your wedding day, with one of our Dog Chaperone Wedding Service packages. They offer home boarding for your best-pal both before and after your wedding & take responsibility for all your dog's care and requirements during your celebrations.

 This is a unique dog friendly service that enables you to include your beloved family dog/s on your truly special day. Amanda's Ark is a bespoke service; they are fully insured, professional and friendly, with over 18 years' experience in dog handling and animal care


Amanda's Ark Weddings

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