White Dove Barns Wedding for Steve and Michelle

We were excited to visit White Dove Barns for the first time for the wedding of Steve and Michelle. This is a fantastic barn venue with loads of accommodation for your wedding guest to stay as well. The location was beautiful with so many different areas to provide stunning backdrops for our pictures. The layout of the venue is perfect for weddings with the bridal suite perfectly located with a very short walk to the beautiful ceremony barn. With Michelle getting ready with the girls and Steve just a short distance away in his own barn for himself and the boys to get ready.

As the guests arrived they were able to enjoy the superbly talented Sister Sax who was on hand to provide live music throughout the day. With all the guests seated it was time for Michelle to make her grand entrance and I promise there was not a dry eye in the house as she made her way down the aisle with her Dad. Steve was beaming with pride after seeing his future wife join him at the front for the wedding ceremony. With vows exchanged and documents signed Sister Sax signalled the start of the party playing her saxophone for the new Mr and Mrs Kemp as they walked back down the aisle and into the courtyard for reception drinks.

The afternoon was beautiful with sun shining on a fantastic summers afternoon, you could not have had a better day for the wedding. After thr group photos we were able to explore the grounds of White Dove Barns, finding beautiful lakes and stunning meadows to shoot photographs of our couple. With the drinks reception complete the guests found their seats for the wedding breakfast and welcomed the new Mr and Mrs Kemp into the beautifully decorated rustic barn. The wedding speeches were both emotional and funny, especially touching was Steve’s choice of best man being his Dad, you really tell that they were close.

As is often the case for summer weddings we had an opportunity to capture a few more images of the couple with their cute little daughter in the soft evening light before the evening reception started. We especially enjoyed Sister Sax’ DJ and saxophone set as after a few songs she would venture out from behind the DJ booth to join the dancing guests with a live dance themed saxophone set. This was incredible and of course got everyone dancing. This was such a memorable wedding and I hope that you enjoy some of our favourite images.

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