Photography Top Tips – Creating Art – using the Sun

Wedding Photography top tips. Much of the time of a photographer on a bright sunny day is spent looking for a little shade – shade helps reduce squinty eyes and harsh shadows – but used correctly bright sunlight can help create stunning colourful images. The two images here are a example of this – when you shoot with the sun directly behind you on a cloudless day you get amazing dark blue skies, to maximise the effect I like to include as much sky as possible, also at High House we had a beautiful treeline to add in as well, perfect. As the sun was shining directly onto our couple by placing them against a dark background of the treeline we were able to get them to really pop! In the second image below I wanted to include even more sky so by using a reflective surface below the lense I was able to introduce the sky below our couple. All in camera no Photoshop needed.

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