Valacyclovir cause positive pregnancy test

Valacyclovir Cause Positive Pregnancy Test

In this case, the test was accurate — there was a pregnancy, but it wasn’t a viable one, Dr.Acyclovir has activity against several different viruses including herpes simplex virus types 1 (HSV-1), 2 (HSV-2), and varicella-zoster virus (VZV).Effective contraception is use of birth control pills or use of a barrier method (e.I got a blood pregnancy test and the result was negative.Women contemplating pregnancy within the year's duration of receiving valaciclovir from us.A positive result—even a faint line —on a pregnancy test means you’re almost certainly pregnant.When a test is past its expiration date.A pregnancy test works by detecting the hCG hormone, which is usually only present in your body if you’re pregnant.This is called a false positive.Drug screen false positive is found among people who take Valtrex, especially for people who are female, 30-39 old.It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 32,398 people who have side effects when taking Valtrex from the FDA, and is.It’s possible to have a positive pregnancy test even if you aren’t technically pregnant.It’s sometimes caused by a chemical pregnancy.The second most common reason his patients get false positives, Dr.Positive pregnancy test (or pregnant females or nursing.Abdur-Rahman says, is because the test is expired.I got a blood pregnancy test and the result was negative (.The phase IV clinical study analyzes which people take Valtrex and have Drug screen false positive.Valacyclovir is an antiviral prodrug that is rapidly converted into acyclovir inside the body.Drugs that contain the hCG hormone aimed at boosting fertility may impact pregnancy test results.False positive results are incredibly rare, and only happen if you valacyclovir cause positive pregnancy test have recently been pregnant, you’re on fertility.Taking any medication that contains hCG can cause a false-positive result.Other drugs that may cause a false positive pregnancy test include: Antipsychotics often used to treat schizophrenia.

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valacyclovir cause positive pregnancy test valacyclovir cause positive pregnancy test valacyclovir cause positive pregnancy test